Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sissy Me

Dressing in female clothing is a source of tremendous enjoyment and relaxation for me. Whether I am wearing an elegant gown or just lounging in a casual outfit it is important that everything co-ordinates, and that my appearance is good without being overdressed. My wardrobe of femme outfits is quite extensive and this enables me to create precisely the look I want to achieve. This outfit give some idea of what I like to wear.

Almost as important as being dressed in my finery is my strong desire to be helplessly bound and gagged, often for extended periods. I have experienced many different forms of restraint from simple rope bondage to the more advanced techniques. It is always so much more exciting to know that I am securely bound and cannot escape from my predicament. Nevertheless it is fun to struggle and to feel those unyielding bonds.


  1. your my dream, that's just the way i want to be too, ohh love you for all your beautiful pictures, xoxoxox

  2. You have great looking legs, and no thunder thighs? I'm jealous Renee Z.